bargraphs & smooth scrolling in CrystalControl?


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Hi Folks!

I was just wondering:

I mainly bought the CF-Display because according to the advertisement it supports gaples bargraphs, smooth 1px-Scrolling and so on, but now that I bought one I cannot find any of these functions in CrystalControl! Am I just stupid and didn't find the right buttons or are these features really not implemented???

Love the displays nontheless (got 2 634USB), will get a 633 and a graphic one as soon as I have money again, but still I find this a little disappointing!

@CrystalControl: When is the new version scheduled to be released (I don't want the exact time to put it into my download scheduler, just give me a month and a year or something like that!)

Oh, and even though the software is one of the best I've tried so far I still DO have some feature requests (since there's no plugin-support):)

1. Please add inicators for the repeat (for example "R" if repeat is on, " " (blank space) if repeat is off), shuffle (same deal with "S" and status (playing/paused/stoped) for winamp2 in future versions! :D

2. What would be really cool would be a function to check the status of Trillian Pro (actually for me any ICQ-client would do, but trillian Pro is just great, widely spread and supports plugins as far as I know, so I picked it as an example)

As an example:

One-Character Indicators for active connections (if connected character is displayed, if not it's just a blank space
(I A i M Y)

Number of open chat windows (as integer)
-(I usually have my CRT turned off when I'm not actually working at the computer. with this info I could just close all chat windows prior to turning off the screen and I would know that when my LCD displayed 2 open windows there are 2 new messages waiting for me :))

Extremely cool would also be a tag showing the names of the new windows (as comma seperated list or whatever), that way one could instantaniously see who the messages are from :)

I know this is a lot of work and you guys probably have other stuff to do, too, so take your time and keep up the great work, but it would be nice to see these features implemented into CC at some day :cool:
I just can't stop playing with these displays, they are way too cool to be left alone, so I come up with new ideas (new for me!;)) almost hourly :)

As I said, love the displays, the software is great, too.
And who was that mumbling about stability-issues? Mine's been running for 2 weeks straight now, with hibernation, standby, extensive CPU-usage in between, it just runs and runs and runs and runs and.... ;)
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CF Mark

Smooth scrolling and Bargraphs cannot be support by CrystalControl, hence the push to get CrystalControl V2 done.
Although im not sure smooth scrolling will be implemented in that either due to problems with the way the 634 needs to scroll its lines.
It will support (well, it does atm) bargraphs and exact text centering which makes use of the gapless rows.

CrystalControl V2 is also built fully around plugins and information will be made avaliable on how poeple can write thier own (it wont be easy though).
If you would like to write plugins for it, PM me.


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lemme check my garage for the hardware!

Well, that's at least a start!
As I said, I like the program already :D
And by the way, I don't know how you did it, but CC is the only program I've seen so far where the LCDs don't flicker! Nice!!

@writing plugins:
Sure I would LIKE to do that, but unfortunately I've benn more active on the hardware side than on the software side lately.
I don't have any programing experience (none that counts, anyway, as long as we're not talking about my overclocked TI92), and I still didn't manage to get my hands on that prototype of the Nebucadneza and take it to broadcast depth ("I know Kung Fu!"), so I'm actually gonna have to work through this 2000-page Stroustroup in my shelf before I will be of any use for you I'm afraid!

I'll let you know when I feel like I can do it, don't expect anything soon though...

Now I got to get to class ("Numeric Algorithms in modern Science"), so hang in there!

Have fun!



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Couldnt really find much info on this anywhere but was wondering what i would need if i wanted a lcd to display winamp visualisations? those little bar graph things that bounce up and down.

Are there any lcd screens that will do this? or do i need a ghraphical lcd to do this?

What programs do i need to do this also?

Thanks :)


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for the graphic visualisation in winamp all LCD's can do it you just need the software you can use jalcds or the Marcus Zhender winamp plugin

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I have seen the beta of CC2's WinAmp spectrum analyzer. It looks very nice. It will not need a 3rd party plug-in.