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backpack for stad lcd's from CrystalFontz??


New member
how you doin' guys ?
got the perfect fit 2x20 backlit negative yellow and look's PERFECT on my bay :D

how about a backpack-2-serial from CrystalFontz as manufacture?
perhaps a backpack with directly connected cable ?? :)

cya john

PS : CF ROCKSSSSsssssssssssssss !!!!
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CF Tech

We may make a backpack one of these days. It would simplify things to have a backpack that has the same command set as the 632/634.

For now, the Wirz units seem to work fine.

CF Tech

We do not have serial daughterboard adapters for the CFAH* series of parallel LCDs at this time. They are available from
several other manufacturers. Please take a look at:


Any of them should work with our CFAH* series modules.


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Brent, the HVWTech module actually uses Matrix Orbital opcodes. ;)

There is also the Ultra-SI by iMods. The wirz, seetron, and imods units all use the same instruction set (i.e. 0xFE makes the next byte be sent as an 44780 opcode).

I've been debating jury-rigging something up using a shift register and the RTS/DTR lines on the serial port as data and clock, something you could very easily synthesize in a PLD.


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Econo LCD

How would you connect the Econo LCD to the serial port? the manual says that it does not support the +-12V data sent on the serial port. (RS232)


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The Econo is definitely an embedded or "tinkering" tool - although if you really want to use it, you can buy a MAX232 driver chip, which converts from TTL to EIA-RS232 swing. But I'd still suggest the Wirz or Ultra-SI myself.