Backlighting TFT Active Matrix displays


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I hope there is an expert who can answer this. I apologize in advance if I've posted to the wrong audience.

Do all or most of the TFT Active Matrix monitors like the 6.4" ones used in moble video systems all use a Cold Cathode Flourescent Tube for backlighting?

I am trying to decide whether the Jensen KVM64 with CCFT is a better choice than the Clarion VMA6491. This feature is touted in the Jensen literature but I can't find anyone who knows (you know how difficult it can be getting to the right person at a large company with tons of products like Clarion). I am unable to see a side-by-side comparison of the actual products performing.

I'm wondering whether all LCD displays used for mobile video have some sort of backlighting (like LED or electro luminescent) for mobile video applications. The fact that CCFT is not mentioned in the Clarion lit doesn't necessarily mean it doesn't have this feature. Thanks in advance for your inputs.
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I am not an expert on the TFT's, but to my knowledge all the common TFT screens use CCFT (more commonly known as CCFL, for Cold Cathode Florescent Lighting).

I think an EL would be way too dim, and the single color nature of LEDS makes them a poor choice for color displays. White LEDs are coming into use on smaller screens (like some color PDA's), but I do not think that they would be used on that large of a display.

The best thing would be to see if you can find a "brightness" specification, typically in "nits" or "cd/m2". Bigger numbers are better.

Hope that helps some.