Backlight Parts Supplier?


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Hi guys.. I'm having trouble finding ANY information about this, so I'm just checking anywhere that people might have ideas.

I have this Korean handheld called the GP32 that has many great emulators for it. More info here: gp32x

Anyways, I got it 2 years ago when there was no front/backlight version. Now there is one. So, many of us are trying to figure out ways to "do it ourself" for a reasonable price.

Unfortunately I can't seem to find any places that sell individual back or front light parts. ie: for the backlight we'd need a tiny Cold Cathode Flourescent Lamp and a white diffusion panel that is the same size as the screen. For the front light idea we'd need tiny bright white LED's and again, some sort of screen that would diffuse the light over the LCD screen.

Any ideas? Thoughts? Suppliers?

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Yeah, that's so frustrating how the most interesting parts are unavailable on the consumer market... :/

Thanks for the reply!