Availability in Singapore


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Hi, I'm from Singapore and I'm actually interested in getting the 634. However, I find it expensive to do so.

I am wondering, since Crystalfontz is Singapore-based, how come there are no distributors located here. Looks like I'm the only person in the whole of Singapore who wants one of these.

I would very much like it if I can purchase one here, without going through the expenses of shipping costs and all. :)
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I too am from Singapore, and I would like to purchase the 631, however, USPS is no longer available for international order. Do you guys have any other option?

Thank you very much.

CF Tech

USPS turned out to be quite a bit of trouble, so we stopped using them.

You can write sales@crystalfontz.com with your address and a list of the parts that you would like to order, and they will give you a shipping quote.


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Crystalfontz/CF Tech

Why don't you just call up the singapore plant, and get them to pack up a couple of modules, and post them out to these guys via the local post. It really shouldn't throw your whole system that far out of wack! It really does sound stupid, when you live almost down the road from the plant where they are made, having to order them from the US.

Whenever somone in the local area where I live has a warranty issue with the Auto transmission in their Ford, Instead of having Ford in melbourne freight one up to the repairer, Ford calls us, and we take one fresh off the assembly line down to the repairer, since it's alot faster, cheaper and more convienient to the owner of the vehicle.


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Hi Heffo,

Thanks for the support and the idea. However, I coudn't wait any longer, so I gave in and ordered last week, it should reach me anytime, this coming week. :D