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For quite a while I knocked around the idea of getting a LCD for my system, but like the rest of everyone here I imagine, the question was who from, and which model. I read review after review, ghetto guide after guide and was starting to get frustrated at all the routes I could take. One thing I had noticed for a long time is that Crystalfontz was a name I was well aware of because of their quality and customer commitment. After reading a review on their 634 aobut 3 weeks ago, I decided the time was right and this was the lcd for me (black bracket to match my case of course).
When I recieved it, I was really impressed by the packaging. Very professional, and much attention was taken to assure it arrived intact. After removing (and trashing) my dual compu-nurse and an empty drive face, I had the entire thing running in 20 minutes. Just as the review had stated, it was a breeze and I've done so many case mods that I was ready for something that was this easy to install.
Now that I've had it running and have lurked for 3 weeks in the forums, I figured it was time to start posting. I would also like to add that I've noticed that the forum admins and techs are doing an excellent job at posting help and suggestions and don't miss a beat. Most of the places I've bought from online could take lessons from the Crystalfontz team on customer care and quality.
Oh, one other thing. On the next release of Crystal Control, if possible, I think it would be nice to see some of the demo features in Win Test be implimented, especially for 634 owners who have ample space to spare. :) Then again, I have to idea how to write code, so these things are always easier said than done!

-Thanks CF team!
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