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Are there any plans to make Android-DriveBay, full with touch screen? :) You have a new way to distribute CrystalControlAndroid via an app and you know it'll work on devices when it says it will.
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Crystalfontz is primarily a hardware company, specializing in displays.

First, we would have to design the hardware that would support the Android OS. Then, port the OS to our hardware. That would all happen after our current project list, which is quite long at this point. Some of the hardware we are working on might be up to the task of handling Android, not sure we have the resources to make that happen. We're not up against seeing what the community can do with the hardware though ;)


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Makes sense.

I'm writing a music visualization app for Android, and think it would be cool to have an music visualization displayed in the drive bay. I did this with a white/blue graphic display, but I think colors would make it even cooler. :)

Here's the app:

I haven't had much feedback, so I'm not sure if it's working for people. :\ It works on my tablet and emulators at any rate. :)

You can move this thread to the LCD Industry topic if you want. Maybe someone will pick up on it. :)