Ambient Air Temp on LCD without a PC (In a Car)


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Hey Guys,

Im really REALLY wanting this for my car as its now coming to winter to help me judge changing road conditions a little better.

Id love to have a 2 to 4 line LCD Dot matrix display with 1 or 2 temperature sensors that update live. Ive seen a few 8-pin microchips on Ebay that do something along the lines of converting the signal, but i was wondering, as you're the experts, if you knew of any previous projects doing this?

Id also ideally want a clock, however this is by no means necessary. My silly car (VX220/Opel Speedster) doesnt have anything!!

After a lengthy search, i undovered a few threads, however they are both inconclusive with no implementations :(

Please Help! Many Thanks... Ed
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CF Support2

That looks to be a pretty slick little unit.

Using one of our solutions, you would need to basically have a small computer in your car, which really wouldn't be a "bad" thing ;). Our CFA633 does support temperature probes via the Dallas One Wire system and can easily display the time of day. Available in either a Serial or USB interface.