Alternating option that we aint seen yet

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Hi guys,

I mentioned it a long time ago but never really heared much and the alternationg options have since been updated not including this.

I would love to see the abillity to set a screen to not show up unless an internet connection is detected cos im sick of seeing my screen say "You Have [E??] Emails in your inbox". You have added the abillity to stay on the winamp screen when its running or to skip screens if winamp or MBM arent running. For me if you added that option it would tun this brilliant piece of software in to pretty much a perfect piece of software!!!!

Oh and another idea. Maybe you could add the abillity to show the Degrees symbol. I have noticed LCDSmartie allows the degree symbol and skipping of screens if no internet connection is detected but otherwise CC is far superior!!!

A Winamp VU meter would also be cool! lol
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CF Mark

The wish list continues to build.

Not sure about the next connection bit... not sure how i can detect if a connection is up as i also would have to make it apply to LAN inet connections.

CC can display the ° symbol (alt+0176 on keypad).

Any bargraph stuff will have to wait until CC V2.

The SeNTiNeL #1

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Koolers. Thanks for the help with the degrees symbol.

Maybe to see if an internet or LAN connection is present you could check the current bandwidth of the connection device using the option you already have built in and then if the value is 0 assume there is no connection present. You think that might work?

Thankyou for all your effort with this software. I and im sure everyone who has an LCD is greatly appreciative!!!