alternate power source for cf631


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So I was looking at the schematics for the CF631 lcd unit and noticed that jumper J2 has the following settings:

Open: Module (including USB section) is powered by +5v supplied through USB
Closed: Module is not powered by USB (USB section is powered by +5v supplied through USB

However on all of the 631 units we have the jumper is not there; the pins are soldered over instead.

Thus I have two questions:

1) Can you guys make units for me that come with the actual jumper pins on there instead of just soldering them?

2) To do some testing, I want to close that connection and hook up the module power to an alternate source (IE +5v from my floppy drive cable) ... but on simple inspection I don't see any place to hook up +5v to the 631 module other than the USB connector. So where is the appropriate place to connect it??

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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thanks for the quick reply!

i understand about wicking the solder on the jumper, thats no problem for testing. however, my company is buying the 631 units in volume and if this alternate setup works to our advantage it would be extremely useful to have the jumper point left un-soldered. In other words can I get the 631s shipped this way by default?