Also trying to identify an LCD


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Hello and thank you for let me join.
I have a small 50X25mm LCD that I took from an equipment long ago (can not recall from where).
Now that I am playing with Arduino I though of using it, but can not find any information about it.
It has 8 connection lines. and the only inscription is on the flat cable, which says:

UF 0842
94V-O CC-0

WD-G1006VR FPC-1

Could anybody please point me to a place that might describe the interface??
Thank you.
Merry Christmas
LCD1.jpeg LCD2.jpeg
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CF Kelsey

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Hi, this is not one of our displays, and I couldn't find anything with the part numbers your provided. The numbers of the flex tail are often not specific to the display itself (the part number that refers to "FPC" is definitely specific to the tail).

It does look like this display is in a case or bezel. If you're willing to, you could try taking the case off to see if there is a part number on the back of the display. It's also possible the display part number is in that smeary black text on the tail. It's hard for me to make any of it out, but you could try searching those numbers.


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THANK YOU very much for the quick reply.
I took it apart but there is no tiny hint inside regarding any name or part number...
LCD3.jpeg LCD4.jpeg LCD5.jpeg