All You Font Editors


New member
It has come to my attention that there is no proper font support for Crystal Control. By this, i mean that not all of the characters on the CGROM are in the font alphalcd.ttf. The admin has told me that different LCD's have different character sets. So there would need to be a different font for each type of display. Why do i even want this you say? Because when designing screens in Crystal Control alot of the special characters (bars, music notes, etc.) dont display right on the virtual display. Because of this limitation, you have to look over at the LCD all the time to see what is actually coming out. It would be nice to design screens without the LCD in front of you. You could even use notepad to design screens, with the right font, and copy the text into Crystal Control. So the call is going out to all you font editors out there. Anyone who could design the fonts would be greatly appreciated. You already have the CGROM of each LCD as a reference. So am i out of my mind here? Anyone up to it?
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