Add more stats to the prog.


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While the program is fantastic i think that it misses some basic features and stats (correct me if i am wrong/couldn't find/use them correctly).

1. Can it display the Winamp equalizer?
2. How about a Windows Media Player plugin? Same stats as winamp eg. Artist, Title, Duration, Bitrate, etc.
3. How about the ability to display the line from a .txt file ? (whatever line i choose it to display) and a small button to browse for the .txt since the length of the command for each line is not infinite (or very long for that matter) :)
4. Since i am using a dial-up connection I want the following stats to be displayed on the LCD: (if some can be displayed already please paste at the response the command)
a. Download (KBytes/sec or KBits/sec) when i am online.
b. Upload (KBytes/sec or KBits/sec) when i am online.
c. Network read (download) stats. (KBytes/sec or Kbits/sec or MBits/sec or MBytes/sec) (NetSumRead as seen on Coolmon prog).
d. c. Network write (upload) stats. (KBytes/sec or Kbits/sec or MBits/sec or MBytes/sec) (NetSumWrite as seen on Coolmon prog).

For a reference to the stats i am referring to visit :

I would really like those stats since i use them all the time and i bought the crystalfontz LCD to get rid of the CoolMon prog. Especially the one which gets the lines from the .txt files since i have some scripts that generate interesting stats eg. System Availability in %.

Thanks in advance.
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coolmon. yes.

if you check out their extensions section you will realize how very useful reading from text files can be.


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hate to break it to you but 4 is already done. two can be done with a puging 5 was already asked for by me and is not going to be done anytime soon. 3 maybe done in Version two please post requests in the request area. also if you read some of the other posts first you might find what your looking for.

CF Mark

1. Do you mean EQ or Spectrum Analyser? Either way the ans is No.
2. Possibly, but im not going to look into it anytime soon.
3. Maybe.
a. Does it
b. Does it
c. Doesnt do it
d. Doesnt do it