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Access violation in simulated LCD


New member
I'm getting the exact same error message on my system.

"Access violation at address 0049f234 in mode crystalcontrol.exe read of "address 00000000"

I get this when I try to add a screen.

My specs:
Windows XP Pro w/SP1
Crystalcontrol 0.99
MBM 5.20
632 display

I installed the .NET framework like a previous post mentioned but it didn't help.

I tried 0.98 and get a similar error message but at a different register address.


New member
yeah its getting really frustrating. Its a hot ass lcd but if the software deosnt work i might have to switch to matrix orbital. And u dont wanna see that happen. by the way Admin can i return the lcd if the software deosnt work?

CF Mark

Hang on fellas, a new version will be coming shortly.

There is a lot of other software you can try if you dont want to run CrystalControl.
LCDC, LCDSmartie, JalLCD, etc.


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thanks admin i will remain truthful to crystalfontz. Keep up the good designs. You will have a booming business in the near future.


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Weird thing i found out was that when i run Wintest it says "at COM 1 19200" I run it again and it says COM2. running several times it varies. i load up a default screen from the Crystalcontrol folder and it seems to show up only when i select COM3. All the other ports when selected wont show anything except the backlight. And when i change the contrast nothing happens to the screen. See if u guys have the same problem.


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hi YAY only version 98 work without errors

i have installed xp with sp1 new
then i installed crystal control 99 (the same error )
only 98 work and works and work