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this is the error msg I get when I want to add a new screen in crystalcontrol (newly installed)

I had to set up my win xp again and I lost the old version of crystalcontrol... now I downloaded the new one and I get this error msg. my display works just fine (all other software works, lcd driver etc.) and I can also test it when configuring it but adding a new screen won't work. (deinstalled cc and reinstalled, deleted registry values etc. but still the same error msg)

thank you for your help.

p.s. is there a page where I can download older cc versions? would be interesting to see if they work or not.

sorry for posting, found a similar thread...
hope it works with v98.
I think this could be maybe winxp sp1 related... didn't had the problem with the older xp installation.
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it seems to be an awful long way from switzerland to australia...

my current downloadspeed is 443 byte/sec and I only have 40 minutes to go (for an 1MB file!)... my connection is broadband 512kbps.

edit: could finally dl the file. v98 works just fine, v99 and v1.00 produce the same error.
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