About the USB controller...


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Under your customization page, you say you can add a USB controller to the LCD. So, how much would it be to say, add one to the

20x2 Negative Transmissive LED Backlit LCD Module

with a USB controller. And if you got one with a USB controller, is does software support it?

(as you can tell, this is my first post :confused: )
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The minimum run to do a custom part is 1K to 3K units. We do not do single unit custom products.

Software support would be up to the authors of the various software packages.

This site looks like they are working on a solution.


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Now all I need to do is round up 1000 people to get one :p

Thanks crystalfontz. I appriciate the reply, espically the site :) If they provide what they say, making USB add ons for parallel LCDs, I think it would be a GREAT way to make parallel LCDs more popular.