about CrystalControl Serial LCD Software


New member
hi all,
I need some examples done by this software or step-by-step
how to do's, I searched the web page (designed in a confusing way), but I did not really understand what is this software, how can I implement some applications and how can I make my
Crystalfontz Intelligent USB LCD display work.

For instance how can I do such a scenario:

This display will be used on a pc (OS: Windows XP),
Instead of a monitor, I will use the lcd display.
A java code will start to run when machine is opened, and that java code need to display some messages on the lcd screen, and
user may act by pressing to the buttons on the lcd display, and this button clicks will invoke some methods in the running java code.

I have to say that there must be a help documentation to answer these questions and include some examples:mad:
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