A hello world example?


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Hello Everyone,

I am new to the world of LCDs and microcontrollers even. I finally got my CFAG320240C0-YMI-TZ wired to my AVR STK500 dev kit. I am looking to use libraries from http://en.radzio.dxp.pl/sed1335/ but I don't know a thing about LCDs. Reading the datasheet has been overwhelming to say the least and the libraries look great but they are undocumented.

Does anyone know of some simple text and graphic examples that I can use that would based on these libraries? Is there like a "Hello World" for Graphical LCDs? Maybe even just how to call the intialization functions for a start?


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BME Design Team

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Sorry, I can't help, but my design Team and I are having a similar problem. My team is using the CFAH1602B-TMI-JT and a PIC16F874 microcontroller. So I would like to see some simple example to get some sort of display on the screen.