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Forgive me but I was a bit confused by the description. I plan on purchasing a 635 display and an SCAB, however I first have a few questions regarding the product.

The first and most important question, is can the SCAB device run standalone? That is, without the software running. Is there a BIOS chip that the software just flashes and the controller can run standalone from that point on? The reason I am asking is because my plans for this display unit are as follows.

I have a Vapochill LS and I would like to remove the stock 20x2 display and replace it with the 635. Since the Vapochill is controlled by It's own controller, I can leave that hooked in without the need for the actual LCD. But the two crucial points are that when initially powered on, the system must "initiate" the "refrigeration" process before the system is powered on and I would like to have some means of monitoring everything while this is going on. This process usually takes around 60 seconds before the evaporator reaches 0C and the system is powered on. The second reason I ask is because, like the stock vapochill LCD, when the PC is booted into the bios and of course I am running Linux (LCDProc would have limited functionality compared to your dedicated software), there is no way for any type of software to communicate with the display.

Monitoring the Evaporator temp is not a problem. I am sure it will be rather simple to tap into the TEMP_1 channel on the chillcontrol.

Also, what are the current and the voltage requirements for this display. I would like to know because if it runs off 5V and does not draw too much current, I can simply tap into my WOL header for a power source (I see some sort of WOL cable in your shop, but I am not sure if this is it's intended use).

The final question is regarding the current output of each fan channel on the SCAB. What is the maximum (safe) current output per channel that the SCAB can handle? The reason I ask this is because I plan on replacing the stock fans in my vapochill with the delta series 120MM fans that push 220CFM, and these fans can draw just a bit over 3 amps! So if your controller cannot do this, no worries there there anre't even many (if any) rheobus controllers that can sustain that type of current. I'm sure I can rig up some sort of alternative power source. But as you can imagine having these fans running at 60Dcb 24/7 is unacceptable!

Thanks for your time and I look forward to having this display in my setup, very nice work!
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". . . can the SCAB device run standalone?"

No, it is just a bit of signal conditioning, power transistors and connectors.

"What is the maximum (safe) current output per channel that the SCAB can handle?"

It is rated as follows:

"Maximum continuous current draw must be no more than 1.5 A per fan connector, no more than 4 A total. Pulsed current may be up to 5 A per connector, the pulse width must be less than 50 mS. This pulse specification allows for the fan's start-up current spike." (citation)

I think the best approach might be to leave the Vapochill LS intact, and add the CFA-635+SCAB as a second layer of monitoring.


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Hmmm. That would be possible. I'm having a custom case built so I could have the height enlarged by kjust a tad to accomodate the unit.

However, what is currently ther Linux support on this product? I mean, LCDProc to my understanding doesn't allow me much functionality except writing text to the screen...