<8x8mm LC-status display?


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Hello, this might be an odd question but I am looking for a very simple LC-Display.

I need a status indicator that requires less power then a LED, and is smaller then 8x8mm, optimum would be 3x3mm - including all frame/connection sockets etc.
Since the project is solar powered and the solar cells are specified with 5mA max and also need to power a microcontroller, the realistic output would not be enough to light a led- and if its a bright day it would not be visible anyway.

I have looked arround, but even the single digit 7-segment LCDs I found are too large.
Some Companies offer small LC-Shutter which would work, but none so far seems to sell in quantities affordable for just 2-3 prototypes.

Any help / product suggestion aprecheated ;-)
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thank you for the quick reply!
Yes, I have seen the 1mA LEDs and I might give it a try.
Though due to the setup of the whole project shielding the LED while not shielding the solar panels gets a bit tricky:
We are building wedding rings out of poly/resin, with the smallest solar cells (cut half) we could find.
While the rating is 5-7mA, I am affraid with the rest of the electronic even the 1mA LED would only work outside with bright sunlight, especially if the resin changes color a bit after a few years.
With liquid crystals it might be enough to use even indoors.

I know 3x3 and 5x5 mm LC shutter exist/can be made, but I have not found a source yet where I can buy just a few, or even a similar sized 7 segment display.

The smallest shutter I have been offered so far without paying for prototyping costs is a 15x15mm shutter...