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8x2 serial display???


New member
Does anyone know where I can find an 8x2 serial display since i can't seem to get my "lame" parallel CF 8x2 to work properly. I know, they don't support it either. Thanks,
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CF Mark

I doubt anyone will sell a 8x2 LCD, thats very small, not much demand for them.

What problems are you having with the CF display?


New member
It only works with the power coming from the parallel port and not an external(ie:internal computer power) source. But it is unreadable except in complete darkness with it set to full brightness. Only has 3.7V at the pcb.

CF Support

Pull your power for the LCD from the pc's power supply at 5v. That should resolve the problems, just make sure that you've followed the wiring diagram, and get your power from the power supply. All *should* be well with the world then.