643 w/ASUS Motherboard (A7N8X)


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I see that there has been a lot of confusion on how to make crystalfontz software work with the ASUS motherboards for viewing fan, termerature, etc...

Here is what I did to get it working:

1. download motherboard monitor. Here is the web site.


2. install and setup motherboard monitor.

The web site has a listing of supported motherboards and the corresponding termerature settings in motherboard monitor. If you have the A7N8X, you will need to know what revision you have (located on the motherboard, below the second PCI slot after the motherboard name). Reading all the message boards, there seems to be a lot of confusion with which setting is correct even with the settings from the web site.

Here is what I did to get the "true" numbers.
- install the PCprobe software that comes with your motherboard
- while setting up motherboard monitor, have that software running. This will tell you what are the correct temps of your CPU and motherboard.
- find the setting on motherboard monitor that matches the temperature that PCprobe is saying.

To me this makes a lot of sense because the PCprobe matched what the BIOS says and I would think that the software made by ASUS to monitor a ASUS motherboard would be correct.

3. make sure that you set up motherboard monitor to run when your PC starts.

That it's!! Once you do the above, the motherboard monitor tab in crystal fontz will be unlocked.

Hope this helps....
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