635: wrap,bargraph,scroll and big letters ?


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Hi !

I'm about to receive my first 635 :)
Unfortunately Fedex didn't leave it to the housekeeper as I mentionned when ordering it :( .
I noticed on the specification that it doesn't have bargraph, wrap management, scroll, and big letters as some "classical" models have. Am I correct ?

Bargraph and wrap are easy to do in soft, as we have done it in a perl library to talk to crystal fontz and matrix orbital, so no big deal. Scroll and big letters are a bit more tricky but I'll work on those.
I'll also add keypad management in this lib.

Would someone have a short sample of perl code for 635 ?. A "hello world" would be enough. ...

Thanks !
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CF Tech said:
There is a PERL sample for the CRC in the data sheet:


It looks like CF Support has some PERL code from somewhere, according to this thread:


Maybe write support(at]crystalfontz[dot}com (edit to '@' & '.') and ask for PERL example code. CF Support will be in on Monday.
Thanks. I already got the perl code for CRC on your web site. I have also ben through the forums, in depth. Quite some interesting stuff. I'll drop a mail to support.