635 with red backlight?


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I'd really like to buy a CFA635 to test out on an embedded-computing project.

Thing is, the choice is either black on green (which is not ideal from a super sexy product design point of view) or two other options with a white backlight, which apparently tend to dim to rheumatic-glow-worm levels in the time it takes to go for coffee.

How's about a red backlight one? Even better, a backlight with negative display?

Nice, but not enough lines:


Nice, but all too briefly:

I appreciate there are probably several million permutations of the combinations CFA build, but this is one that would be particularly useful to me. While you're at it, change the red/green LEDs to red/blue ones, as people with red/green colour blindness frequently can't see the difference.

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CF Support2

At this time we do not manufacture a red LED backlight CFA635. The White LEDs do have a shorter life when compared to a Yellow or Red (about 10,000 hours vs 50 to 100,000 hours). By running the white LEDs at 80% or less, you can extend the life of the white LEDs.

We are working on extending the life span of our white LEDs as the technology is improving -- so by changing the LEDs out, and doing some other modifications we are getting closer to having our white LEDs lifespan getting much closer to the Yellow or Red.

At this point we do not plan to make a red version.