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this is a newbie question; do the LCD's (the 635 in particular) work without a PC connected?
I mean, is there any way to program it with a PC, then disconnect it and let it work alone?
Is it possible to give it power supply through a small USB DC adpter?
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... or at least backlit

A quick search in the forum gave me the answer, that is: NO, or at least not simply.
I was wondering if it is possible at least to backlit it without the need of a PC.
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There is a transistor that can be jumped to make the module power up as soon as the USB powers up. You would have to write support for details--this would require SMT soldering.

Alternatively, you can power the module through H1 or H2. These are detailed in the data sheet.

The boot screen can be saved, but the display will be static.