635+SCAB ATX control mode doesn't work


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Hi again,

as i told you in this Thread:


i have three CFA-635 displays and SCAB's.
With one of the CFA-635 i have the following problem:

I programed it and saved the status as boot status mentioned in the Tread above.

Every command i send to the display (commands "34" and "28") is accepted and the LCD returns the acknowledge package as noted in the manual.

So everything is working with that display (Fan control, temperature, etc) except the ATX power control.
When i program it, save as boot status and connect it to the machine i can reset the machine but Power on and LCD off when host is off doesn't work.

To make it clear. 2 Displays are good, except they don't turn on the backlight when power of host is on. For further information about that problem, see the thread above.

The third display accepts all copmmands and sends the acknowledge packets but i can't Power on my machine as well as the backlight is on every time, even if the host is power down is off.

I tried the LCD with each SCAB i have, nothing changes. All SCAB's have JP8 opened and JP9 closed as well as a floppy power cable connected to J3.

What i have recognized is that when i program the 2 Displays with the backlight problem, their backlight goes off when i send the "28" type command with options Reset, Power on and LCD off if ...
When i do that with the one which doesn't Power on my machine the backlight stays on.

It's a little bit confusing two problems with 3 LCD's in two threads i know but i have tried everything and i'm out of ammo :)

Thanks again for your help...

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