635+SCAB and ATX boot


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Dear all,

I have a 635 and SCAB, but I don't have cable for ATX. Can I make one myself?
I saw the cable have a WOL cable, I don't know where I can plug on the main board??

Can anyone tell me?

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on another note... how much would it cost (in australian dollars) to get the uberscab posted to Western Australia.

im looking at using the SCAB to control my fan speeds and temps etc, instead of using a manual fan controller...

does CrystalControl Admin have any in australia he can sell me?


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You can make your own cable (or we could arrange to get you one).

Please take a look at the section "ATX POWER SUPPLY POWER AND CONTROL CONNECTIONS" in the SCAB data sheet:


There is an illustration ("Figure 7. CFA-SCAB’s ATX power supply and control connections") there that explains it pretty well.
Thanks. But I am not a hardware guy.
I do not know where WOL cable plug into...I don't see any WOL pin on my Main board. Almost all Main board include lan interface, so they don't need WOL pin for connecting lan card. Can you tell me is there another pin on Main board I can use?



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I had the same question, not having a WOL interface on my mobo, can power ON/OFF be controlled from a CF635?

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We use the WOL connector to access the PC's "Vsb". Vsb is the standby voltage or the "always on" 5v.

Some motherboards have some USB headers that are "always on". The best bet is to get or borrow a DMM and CAREFULLY measure the power pins of your USB headers to see if one of them has power when the system is off.

If that does not work, typically you can tap into the purple wire of the mainboard power connector, to get to Vsb, but use the DMM to check and please be careful. This whole operation is deep in void your warranty territory if you short something out or hook something up backwards.