635 mounting bracket (black)


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Is there a mounting bracket available for the 635 USB LCD Module? Especially in black? I'm *really* itching to get my hansd a 635 (to be used in a new PC, cause my old PC already has a 631 - in a 5 1/4" case :(), but, naturally, only with a mounting bracket.
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CF Tech said:
Should have it out in a few weeks . . .
*Weeks*? I was told several weeks ago that it would be ready within *one* week... Rest edited out because I was too grumpy when I wrote the rest ;)
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CF Tech

One of our tech guys has been out unexpectedly for almost a month now. That has loaded CF Web and me up with additional support duties (customer and manufacturing). We run pretty near full-throttle with all three of us on board, and with one of us missing, the new product release has unfortunately ground to a halt.

I am very sorry for the unexpected additional delays. If you are really in a hurry for it and willing to have very limited documentation, please write iwantmyscab(at)crystalfontz(dot)com (edit to '@' and '.'). I'll arrange it so you can order now.

Again, sorry for the delay in the release.