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635 in crystal control 2


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I have a 633 and a 634 now but i think the 635 is awesome, I know a bracket will be coming out soon but what about support for it in crystal control, it would be nice if you could define the colors for the diffrent leds with tags like are used now to pop info up on the lcd, any time frame on software support and bracket release?
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I am not sure how long for the brackets, but the LED's are fully supported by CC2.

I have one, so I can state this from experience. I am not sure if they can be controlled in the manner that you want, but I have programmed them to read:

CPU usage
Free Memory
Free Page Memory
HD activity

I am sure that you can program for other things, just have not tried yet.

Colors can change from green, yellow, orange, red as % goes up.

BTW, the 635 is the nicest LCD I have ever seen. It combines all of the best of the USB/Serial displays that CF produces. If you are in the market for one, this is the one to get!



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thankx for the reply

i have two lcds now a 634 and a 633 i like the fact of the software controlable bi colors


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Re: thankx for the reply

flm150 said:
i have two lcds now a 634 and a 633 i like the fact of the software controlable bi colors
Full software support for all the range from the 631 to the 635 is ongoing. Quite soon their should be several advancements for all of the modules. Anyone currently owning or thinking about purchasing a new module will have many new and exciting facilities open to them. Watch this space..... :cool: