635 & CC2 Not working !?


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After testing my new 635 with scab LCD with the 635_WinTest program, everything seemed to work fine. Until i tried to run CC2. in the tray it says it's running fine with the blue color but it really isn't. changing any of the functions hasn't had any impact at all.
When trying to select "configure" on the LCD module selection it gives an error:
"ERROR: previously used port does not appear to exist anymore, please select another."
It goes to the following screen allright, but it still seems strange.
after this i tried LCDsmartie and this one is also running great.
Please help me to get this nice piece of software running.
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thanx for the reply. Did all the things noted.Unfortunatly no positive effect.
You suggested to uninstall wintest. I don't think you can uninstall this one. I quote "WinTest.exe runs directly: no install and you can just delete it when you are done. " I also tried to connect the module on a different computer without wintest or any other lcd program. Just CC2. Nothing happening there.


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Changed the module to com1:
Now i don't get the message:
"ERROR: previously used port does not appear to exist anymore, please select another." anymore when selecting the configure button. But still nothing's working
all other com ports do give the above error


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Similiar Problem

When I try to run cc2 on the 635 it says needs to start the service, i click and then asks to start cc2. when i click it, goes back to the service starting. i check in the proccesses and the cc2service is running, i have tried multible boots and still no luck. tho when the service isn't in the prossesses it won't start it.