635 ATX power control newbie questions.......


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Hi, i' d like to install a 635 unit in a PC and use it's keypad to power the system on/off and reset.
From what i've read, there is a purpose built
cable for this using the 633 and a WOL connector on mobo. Will this be the same for
the 635, or does it employ some other way of
connecting to what i asume is 'always on' mobo power? The problem is my ABit IC7-G has no
WOL connector . ...and there doesn't appear to be any other type of plug on the mobo that may work.

I have noticed some threads discussing workarounds...are there any completely explicit step by step instructions on how to carry this out for a non -WOL mobo? Or, is there currently or planned premade cables for 635 (or 633 for that matter) to get around non-WOL mobo?

Thx for any suggestions.


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...thx for that, any idea on what a possible eta is
then for the pending 635 hardwares? Btw, is there a pic anywhere of the bay-insert for 635....
i couldn't find one, i assume there is some sort of clear bezel for the aux 4 led indictators? Thx for
taking the time.

CF Tech

The add-on board was "leaked" some time ago and that was long enough ago that it is now refered to as "mythical".

Right now it is waiting on documentation and web work. The CFA-635 bracket is just waiting on web work. The LEDs have small circular clear window, just like the LCD's big rectangular window.