634 USB w/ mobo header cable


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I'm itching to get one of these displays, but should i wait for the one with the motherboard header usb cable?
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Mine too.

The display is no different, so you could get the display & standard cable now, then get the motherboard cable when it comes in.


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sweet i didnt know of this any idea when they will be in and how much i have a usb cable now but i have MANY usb headers on my motherboard and i would rather use one of those. with CC crashing i CANT use my display at this moment any idea as to what i can do about SOMETHING so i can use my display. the post on my problem is Big!. so i am working with you guys to get it fixed but im still sitting with nothing at this moment.
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NIce one LanMine

Nice one.....finding a solution to everyone's problem.....on the competitors website......good job!!