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634 USB LCDs with serial port?


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Hi everyone!

I've been searching the website and these boards for nearly three hours now (with a certain amount of pleasure I might add). :D

But there is one thing I can't seem to get straight. I'm intrested in the USB LCDs, primarily the 634-ones. But when I look at this page,


the backside of the LCD holds a serial port. Shouldn't it be a USB-dito? The cable that ships with the package is it supposed to connect this serial port with an USB header port on the mother board?
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I see!

What is the difference between the units showed below "USB LCDs" and "Character LCDs"?

Are the latter ones not prepared for USB-connection? I really fancy the orange one, which doesn't seem to be available in 20x4 format... :(
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The character LCDs are not designed to be connected to PCs. They are intended to be "designed into" a product.


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Hey it´s my first Time to be her,

I have just buyed a 634 Display whit Serial, is it posible to make it to a USB Display ?


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Yes, it can be converted, but you would have to return it to the factory.

Alternatively, you could use a USB to RS-232 converter cable.
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