634 Serial Compatibility


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Greetings to all!

I am currently working on a highly customized embedded "demo" PC for a client. Sofar the unit will contain a 635 USB LCD to display formatted system stats, however, I am also looking for a LCD to display general serial output from some low-level software.

In particular, I need to display the output from the bootup firmware on a Serial device of some sort, as well as Linux based console text via a standard terminal (VT100 I believe).

The display I'm looking for should understand VT100 Line Feed and Clear Line/New Line commands, and thats about it.

Does anyone know how the 634 Serial LCD's handle commands? Could a 634 unit be used (Serial) as a small 4x20 Pseudo-VT100 simplistic display- as in, is the 634 command set similar enough that it would understand the basics- new lines, clear screen, etc?

Or would something like this require a custom firmware? How much would it cost one to purchase a 634 with a custom firmware designed to allow the 634 to act as a VT100 semi-compliant Serial "Terminal"?

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Well I suppose the easiest test to see if it does what I need it to do would be to connect to the unit under Hyperterm or etc and whatever baud/settings and start typing away. If one were to do this, would the display show whatever is typed into the terminal, including new lines with the return/enter key?

In such a test, does the display automatically wrap the characters around the display, or do you have to start a new line first?


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It will wrap on a character basis (not a word basis) and will scroll at the bottom of the screen.

In HyperTerminal, "Enter" produces a "CR" which moves the cursor to the leftmost column.

"Ctrl+Enter" produces a "LF" which moves the cursor down.


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Sounds like the display will work then. If it doesn't, I can probobly hack the software driving it up enough that it will work.

Thanks again for the help!