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I have a problem concerning the use of the motherboard monitor software and my 634 display.
After having reinstalled my system with win xp and sp2, I tried to install the motherboard monitor and the crystalfontz software.
Although it worked without problems on the old installation, I have a problem now.
The temperature values are not displayed properly on the lcd.
MoBoMo displays the correct values, e.g. 50°C for the cpu.
But the display shows the value 126 for the cpu. With the other temperature values it´s the same problem, whereas the rpm values are displayed correctly.
I further noticed a phenomenon:
When the crystalfontz software is active but the MoBoMo ist shut down, the error value E11 is displayed.
If I now start the MoBoMo-soft, the correct values will be displayed for approx one second. But then these false values are shown...

Does anybody have an idea where this problem comes from??

Thanks alot..
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CF Mark

50°C is 122°F.

Check that the °F settings in CrystalControl settings window and MBM are turned off.