634 Boot Screen

Bada Bing

New member
Hello all, just got my 634 and I must say I LOVE IT!!!!!!

Anyway, I am unable to get my boot screen to show on my LCD, it always shows the default CC one, what do i need to do in the Boot Screen editor to make it take my new one?

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Bada Bing

New member
Yea, I checked that post before I made this one, there is already the same question on that post with no answer, could you please answer that one????:D

CF Mark

Ahh, i see.
Well i cant answer this question since i know pretty much nothing about the boot screen editor.

Ill try and find someone who can...

CF Support

Do you have any applications also accessing the com port when you're using the boot screen program?

Also, try turning off "auto update" when you save to the EEPROM, it has been known to be a problem occasionally.