634 and USB/Serial Adapter, Linux


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Greetings All,

I had discovered what I'm about to share about a week ago, and I just forgot to put it in the forum! I'm currently working again on my MP3 Car project (http://mpy3.thelocust.org), working on v2.0 now, and I had originally shelved my 634 because I switched to using a machine that didn't have a Serial port (oh no!).

So, what is a guy to do? Well, I had bought a USB-to-Serial adapter, but there wasn't driver support under Linux at the time (or maybe there was -- i just didn't know it!) Well, after doing so good old-fashioned research, I found that the adapter I had, the ATEN U232A, which is powered by the PL2303 chipset has a stable driver in the kernel. Thanks be to the USB devices list at qbik.ch for providing information on the converter.

Anywho, my 634 works GREAT with the Serial Converter. I'd be using it in the car, but unfortunately I burnt out my backlight by applying 12v instead of 5v (remember -- ALWAYS check your wiring with a multimeter -- never trust the color of wire!). Perhaps as a testiment to the quality of LCD, the rest of the LCD still works great, and I use it indoors for testing!
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