634 and Crystal Control RAM issue


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I seem to be having a RAM issue lately with the CC software.

I'm running a 634 in serial mode to an external port on mobo, and I've noticed that the CC software is chewing up my RAM progressively.

It'll start low at about 6 mb of Ram, but I caught it using 384 mb of RAM at the end of the day.

Does anyone else have this issue and what do I need to do to solve this?

Thanks in advance.
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CF Mark

Well, that's a problem I havn't heard of before.

How many screens have you got setup and what are you displaying on them?


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3 screens.

1 has CPU temp, speed, and % use - 1 min rotation
1 has Mem used / remain / total - 30 sec rotation
1 has HD info for 7 HDs - 30 sec rotation

I have to close it out and restart it every 6 hrs or I run low of RAM.

When I first noticed, I was using 386 mb of ram which made me think something was kinda going wrong.

CF Mark


Save those screens, and then remove one at a time over a few hours.

See if after removing one the usage stops increasing.


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So far, with just 1st screen showing CPU info it chews up my RAM gradually.

I left it overnight to see what would happen, and this morning I woke up with CC using 649.116 mb of RAM. Could barely get things moving the system was so lethargic. Once I killed CC, things returned to normal.

Any ideas?

CF Mark

Ok, try this:

Stop CrystalControl.
Run regedit, go to "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software", delete the whole "CrystalControl" key (this will remove all CC settings).

Start CrystalControl, add your LCD.
Add one screen with just simple text on the top line (no information).
Dont change any other CC settings.

Run that for a while, see if the problem still occours.


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have you considered a ram "freeing" software? Windows has a inherent memory leak and there is free ware on download.com that may help. Just a thought