634 20x4 LCD USB questions


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Just picked up a used 634 20x4 LCD USB which came with black face plate. Just wondering how difficult it would be if I wanted to replace the face plate/bracket at a future date. I assume it would just be a matter of taking this out apart and replacing it with a new one; or are these things permanent once put together?

I came across some post regarding screws for the mounting bracket. These posts didn't refer specifically to my model; but can I assume it's the same size screws?

4-40 x 1/4" (#4 size, 40 threads per inch, 1/4 inch long

Finally is the USB connector end that plugs into the LCD specific to this device? I ask because I'd love to have a one of those USB cables that are clear over the silver wire wrap. With a side window, the beige cable is rather bland. :)

(I have a USB2 card where the inter USB connectors are the default kind. So I can plug the cable there as opposed to routing to an external connector)
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If you need a replacement overlay, you can write support@crystalfontz.com and they can arrange to send you one.

You are correct on the screws. If you can find a hobby shop that deals with R/C airplanes or cars they should have some. Radio Shack may be able to help out.

The connector on the dispaly end of the USB cable is not a USB standard. You would have to do some splicing to get the braid cable.
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