633 Wintest program


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I am using the 633 wintest exe is not working properly. When I try to ping my 633 it works. But all other commands sent to it return errors (seeing on the debugger). Strangely when I use the main screen to set the display data it works. Is there something wrong with the packet debugger? Did anyone encounter this earlier?

I am using the latest available download for the exe.

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How do you "ping" the system? I have been able to use quite a few commands based on the command_line_input program with 633. But I never succeeded in using commands such as "ping". Any source code?


CF Tech

The 633 uses very strict command parsing--you must make sure the amount of data supplied in the "data" box agrees with the amount of data the command accepts. 633_WinTest has a "length" printed out do you can make sure the length agrees.

Also, you need to make sure that the data is valid, for instance setting the backlight to 150% will return an error.