633 w 4X20Lcd?


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Was wondering if CF is planning on putting out a 4X20 module withe the 633s functionality. I personally really like the 633 but i have more room to spare than a 1 u rack and would like to display more info.
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CF Tech

Thank you for your suggestions. We will keep them in mind :)

If you are not using all four fans, the fan connectors can be used as 12v GPO. Just leave the tach signal disconnected, and connect the load (must be less than 1amp, and must work on 12v) between the +12v and GND pins of the fan connector.

You would only want to set the fan power to 100% or 0%, unless your load is something that can handle a PWM'd power supply.


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That's a great idea for GPO now.

Who/where can I get support for my 633? It's a week old and stopped working today for no apparent reason.