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633 Service - Interface?


New member
I have successfully installed the 633 service with MBM 5 and CrystalControl. I managed to get fan monitors and temperature sensors (18B20s) working as well, but there doesn't seem any provision to access the built-in keypad.

Secondly, thanks to the excellent data-sheet, I was able to create a program similar to WinTest in Delphi. I've written a good number of service-applications in Delphi, and so my first stop was to add functionality to power up the LCD w/o logging in (2K user here), allow to change screens to be changed using the keypad, mute volume, etc. I also have a service which monitors my phone-system, so the LCD displays caller-id information as it comes in.

I'd like to integrate my service with CrystalControl -- how does CC interface with the 633 service?
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CF Mark


You could comunicate with the 633-service to do what you want, but not with CrystalControl.

I could give you the info required to comunicate with the 633-service if you would like it.... email or PM me.