633 Service Fails - no C: drive


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633 Service Fails - no C: drive (resolved)


I am having difficulty running the 633 service. The monitor reports the service as not running, even when I use the administrative tools to start it, and they show it as "started". CrystalControl is unable to communicate with the device as a service.

Likewise, I cannot get setting changes to "stick", even by manually editing "I:\Program Files\633-Service\633-Service-Default" with notepad.

I suspect that this is caused by the software making an assumption that the win boot drive will always be drive C: .

My system has NO c: drive at all. It has an I: (boot) drive and a D: drive. I: is a striped raid array, D: is a mirrored raid array.

I have no trouble using the 633 as a serial device.

DFI LanParty Pro 875B
Pentium 4 3.0ghz
1 gig ram
Intel Raid W/2 raptor 10k rpm 36 gig drives (striped)
Hihghpoint Raid w/2 WD 160 gig drives (mirrored)
ATI 9600
Linksys 54g wireless
PC Chips TV/Vidoe Card
Adaptec Firewire 800 Card
Win XP Pro
MotherBoard Monitor
Crystal USB Driver
633 Service
Crystal Control
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CF Mark

Strange drive setup you have there... you know you can change drive letters under 2K/XP?

When the admin tools says the service is started, does it appear in the task manager proccesses list?

You may also want to check the NT Application Event logs which are also in the admin tools... the 633-Service logs all start/stop & errors in there.


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Thanks. I got it resolved. I ended up re-structuring the way some things were mapped so I could actually have a real C: drive. That seemed to do the trick.