633 service dies in the middle of the night


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Check this,
633 USB on XP,
all works a (almost) treat service monitor and CC 1.07,

at some point wich i have not caught yet, the display dies(still alight but stuck on the last screen)

The service looks like it's alive(in services it says started) but i don't think it is, cus if you restart it does not restart.

The log file tells me the comm port can't be opened and sure enough it cant.

A reboot always fixes the problem, sometimes(rarely) i can getaway with removing the serial port from device manager and letting DM re-detect it.

No power management is turned on, not even a screeen saver.

last night it happened again without any other programs running apart from a few system tray utils MBM,speedfan

MBM reports correct temps on Dallas IC's so that look ok.

not greatly bothered by an odd reboot, but i would like to know what's going on!

Thanks for your help
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