633 sensor header confusion


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Sorry for the stupid question, I just bought a used 633 serial LCD (without anything) and trying to understand which header is for the sensors.

This is the back of my 633

But I only see a serial 10 pin header on the far left, and then four three pin fan headers and one four pin header which appears to be the floppy style power connector.

Does this have a sensor connector?

I know I'll need to buy a 10pin to 10pin ribbon cable here, and I'll probably pick up at least one premade sensor, but I wanted to get this figured out before I make that purchase so I can order anything else I might need.

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I think I found my answer, procooling noted that you have to install a header for it, it's the empty spot to the left of the fan header:

I guess I'll search for one at Radioshack


CF Tech

Thank you for your question.

Please refer to the data sheet:


There is a diagram on page 18. Here is a quick snapshot:

There is also a tutorial here in the forum. It is a bit outdated, since it was before we made WRDOWY17, but is is still good if you want to make your own sensor.


If you do want to use the WRDOWY17, the correct mating connector is:


The one in the ProCooling photo is outdated (fine for home-made though).