633 reboot time?


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I want my driver for the 633 to check its boot screen, and set it to the appropriate text if that's not already there. The first thing I thought of was to reboot the 633, then get the screen data. However, it seems you have to wait several seconds for the 633 to reinitialize; if I query the DDRAM immediately after reboot, I get empty strings. Waiting 2-3 seconds sometimes results in query commands with bad CRCs; waiting longer seems to work. So, I've worked around it, but I'd still like to know: what is the (official measurement of the) boot time for the 633?

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CF Tech

If you set all the fan powers to 0, and save that as the boot state, the module will boot very quickly.

For every fan that is on, there is a 500mS delay before the next fan is enabled.