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I have two questions regarding the CFA-633 LCD modules:

1. How many watts can each GPO handle, ie can I slap a 6 watt fan on each connection? It appears through perusing forum articles that each GPO can handle 12W?

2. The connector for temp monitor chains appears absent on the pictures of the rear of the module (unless I am missing it .... which is quite possible). Is that connector included? Or do we need to solder it on?

Thanks a lot!

Edit -

What functions can the keypad perform (practically speaking.... I am no programmer) other than the power and reset functions?
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If you order from the web, we will load the temperature connector.

From the CFA-633 datasheet:
+12v (fans): Draw on +12v for fans will vary, depending on the user equipment connected to FAN1 through FAN4. Maximum continuous current draw must be no more than 1.5A per fan connector, no more than 4A total. Pulsed current may be up to 5A per connector, the pulse width must be less than 50mS. This pulse specification allows for the fan’s start-up current spike.
We now stress test each CFA-633 with 4 Delta 120x38mm FFB1212EHE fans connected:

Please be aware that these fans load the CFA-633 way beyond the specification and warranty.

Pretty wild to see the CFA-633 and the four fans drawing over 8 amps from the 12v bench test supply. You can feel the air from the four fans from across the room. We only test them for a short time though--if that kind of load is kept on, the power connector will start to heat up.

PS: We call them "FAN" connectors . . . they are only referred to as "GPO" by those who use the dark side of the force :)

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The function of the keys is controlled by software. CC2 now allows some functions to be controlled by the keys . . . more will be added as the software matures.