633 Drive Bay Bracket Question


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I was wondering if the brushed aluminium drive bay bracket for the 633 was just plain exposed aluminium, or if it has the plastic coating over the top of the aluminium.

I am asking because the beige plastic bay I have which I painted blue to match my case mod doesn't like to hold the paint. (As I type this my PC looks rather silly with the chip on the LCD bay taped up and the rest of the case covered in paper while fresh primer dries in preperation for the colour.

If it is just plain aluminium without a plastic coat, how would I go about ordering just a bracket by itself and not as part of a kit?
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CF Tech

The "aluminum look" is constructed on a base of the same material as the beige overlay you have . . . so it proabably will not paint any better than the beige. The aluminum layer is very thin--like a metallic coating--you would not be able to sand it.

As far as getting a replacement overlay, please write support@crystalfontz.com and they can help you out.


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I've never tried the stuff, so no promises ;) but I've seen other modders reccomend a vinyl or plastic dye for painting on bay covers and other plastic parts (I've seen some photos of neat looking optical drive paint jobs)

I'm told the stuff can be purchased at automotive paint shops. Take a sample of the part in with you, and I would expect the counter guy to point you in the right direction.

Like I said, no guarantees, (and I'm sure CF Tech & friends will tell you that getting any on the LCD or associated electronic bits will void your warranty :D ) but it might be worth a shot if the CF Al look panel won't do what you want.