633 CGROM and Newer firmware...


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I have the CFA-633 and, unfortunately, the documentation
does not display the entire CGROM characters.
Looking at the 634 cgrom jpeg, the 633 is quite different
(the 633 has japanese characters in it).

Is there a "correct" version of the CGROM picture?

Also, as the 633 is at firmware 1.9c, is there plans to update
it to a 2.x version so the CGROM can match that of the 634 &
632 product line?


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CF Tech

The CFA-633 CGROM is different from the CFA-634 CGROM. The CFA-633 CGROM has several blank columns in it (this is common with many other character displays also).

We do not have plans to change the CGROM in the CFA-633, too many existing applications would break.

The CFA-631, CFA-632 CFA-634 and CFA-635 all share one CGROM.


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Thanks for the reply!

Do you by chance have the complete CGROM character set picture?
The one in the manual is missing the coloured ones.



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Unfortunately, I can not view the characters in colums 16d, 128d and 144d.
All it shows is the "pixel" boxes.
I am viewing the CFA633-YYB_K1.9c.pdf on both my Mac and my XP box
using Adobe Read 8.0 and Preview.


CF Support

The reason why you cannot view the characters in those columns is because there are no characters in those columns for that CGROM:

They are "intentionally left blank", so to say. It is a bit confusing, since the comment above about the "superscript 9" is from another manual. We will get that fixed.