633 Application question


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Hey guys,
Getting ready to pick up my 4th 633 display. :)
I am currently working on a 633 software project and don't want to start another: I'm going to be building a RAID server box, and id like to use a 633 as quick way to access the machine.

I see CC2 is developing well but im not sure if it has a feature where you can "build" a menu easily.

Id like to be able to throw a CD into the drive, go into the 633 menu, hit Rip CD, have it open an existing program (like CDex), open the CDDB, and rip it. (for this i could probably write a vbscript to automate the button presses/sendkeys or whatever)

Or go to a menu option where I can type in a name of a torrent and it will downlod it. (there is a small python script that i can use for this)

basically i am looking for an easy way to make a nice menu system with configurable "actions".

a nice feature would be able to display the RAID verification/rebuilding percentage on the display. I know CC2 has a "app" plugin, where i can get the values of objects from applications, but i could not find it on the site or in my program files. perhaps im missing something.

id love to hear your ideas an thoughts on this and as always, keep on rockin crystalfontz.
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after looking around, it seems i should be able to do this with lcd smartie. my display is at work now though so i cant test it out, but it seems like it should work.